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CloudReplicate Backup

  • Backup individual folders or the entire device

    CloudReplicate can backup selected folders or the entire server. We can tailor a solution that meets your budget and Internet bandwidth capability.

  • Snapshots provide consistency

    CloudReplicate uses snapshot technology to provide a consistent point-in-time replica of your data. Your backup data is consistent with your live data at the time the backup jobs started.

  • Versioning allows rollback

    You can specify the number of revisions to keep. For example, if 14 days of retention is enabled, you can revert back to a previous version of any file within that period.

  • Compression optimises bandwidth

    CloudReplicate utilises compression technology, optimising the amount of data transferred over your internet connection. Compression can reduce file sizes by up to 66%.

  • Customised Backup Scheduling

    CloudReplicate backup jobs can be configured to run at specific times, making the best utilisation of your internet connection and to minimising business disruptions during the day.

  • Quick restore reduces downtime

    For file level restoration, simply select the files you require and download them. To restore a large amount of data, an external hard drive is sent out within 24 hours at no additional cost.

  • Backup monitoring

    CloudReplicate monitors your backup jobs.

    Detailed reports show:
    • What files have been backed up
    • Time the backup took to run
    • Average transfer speed
    • Total storage space being used

  • Secure and Encrypted Data Transfers

    All CloudReplicate data is transferred through the internet over a secure and encrypted tunnel.