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HP Business Laptops

Budget your laptop

How much do you need to spend on a laptop? It depends on your needs. A vast range of combinations are available.

When you budget for your laptop, consider how long you want it to last. 3 years is ideal for most people. Average out the cost per-year. A very cheap laptop that only lasts 18 months may not be that cheap after all.


What size screen?

The screen size will generally determine the overall size and weight of the laptop.

Small-screen laptops (12″-13″) are great for lightweight and potability

Standard-screen laptops (14″ – 15.6″) are good for all-round use with standard-size keyboards

Large-screen laptops (17″) are ideal for graphic intensive applications.

Operating System

Windows 7 Professional – most commonly used in business. Ideal if connecting to an office network.

Windows 7 Home – When using the laptop as a stand-alone device, this is ideal.

Hard Drive

Two options..

SATA Hard Drive. This is the standard hard drive. Good performance, excellent reliability, high capacity, good price.

Solid State Hard Drive. This is a high performance option. Higher performance, good capacity, higher price