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HP Servers

Entry-Level Towers – for 5-15 users with simple needs (100-series)

The cheapest way to get a quality Windows server, the HP 100-series is ideal for small business with 5 or more computers that need networking, backup, security and reliability.

The server can be customised based on your needs and budget, including redundant hard drives.

Extended warranty service is highly recommended.


Advanced servers – 10+ users with mission-critical systems (300-series)

The most popular servers in the World are HP 300-series for good reason. They are very high quality and very well supported. Customisation options are extensive, so your server can be built specifically to your needs.

In the event of a hardware failure, such as a failed hard drive, the redundancy this server can continue to run the business without interruption.

Servers for Virtualisation (300-series ‘Performance’ range)

Virtualised environments are ideal for businesses that need multiple servers. With one powerful underlying ‘physical’ server, you can operate multiple virtual servers. This saves money because each server does not need dedicated hardware. Instead, all the virtual servers share the same underlying hardware.

Virtual desktops are also an emerging trend.

VOIP Servers – based on the new HP ‘micro’ server

HP has a new baby server. Like all HP servers, these can be adapted to almost any requirement, and we especially like them to run VOIP systems.

The HP Micro server is ideal for a VOIP system because it is power-efficient, it is cheap to buy, and it can be configured with redundant hard drives.

Add a phone line card into the expansion slot, and you have a fully-featured enterprise-grade phone system at an amazingly low price!