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Samsung Print Solutions

it Local can advise you on the best print setup for your environment. Sometimes a combination of printers is better than one large printer. Samsung manufactures a range of print devices which service the home and business markets. We focus on the business-grade printers, and especially those that have on-site support.

  • Colour Laser Printers

    If you need high quality colour prints, a dedicated colour laser printer will give a high quality result.

  • Black & White Laser Printers

    When you need a document printed as fast as possible, a dedicated Black and White printer is the way to go. Compared to a colour printer, these are cheaper to run because they only need a single toner.

  • Colour Multifunction Printers

    When you need one device to do everything. There are two products in this range, one on the entry-level range and the other is a top-grade high volume, high quality solution.

  • Black and White Multifunction Printers

    These devices are packed with features that many large companies don’t even have yet. For example, receive a fax, and send it to you as an email with a PDF attachment. Scan-to-email is another must-have feature.