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Surge Protection

Your valuable IT infrastructure could be destroyed in one strike. With suppression and filtering in one small package, these are a must have for every business on the grid.

  • Why Surge Protection?

    Higher than usual currents can come through electrical wires by lightning strikes or transformer malfunctions. These ‘surges’ can wreak havoc by shorting out or burning components in your electronic devices.

  • One Smart Box

    Small footprint, modular design, sturdy metal case and reliable circuitry.. It makes for a protection system that we trust and recommend.

  • Protect Your Infrastructure

    Your UPS, servers, modems, firewalls, routers and switches are all vulnerable to spikes and surges from the electrical grid. Filtering and suppression is needed to protect them.

  • Success

    With high current ratings, multiple stage protection, fail-safe circuits and a warranty in place, your sensitive equipment will be out of harm’s way.