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IT Servicing

Expensive Breakdown

14-point IT Servicing Checklist:


  1. Installation of latest Microsoft updates [address latest security patches]
  2. Clearing of browser cache, temporary files and memory dump files [save wasted space]
  3. Update Malware protection and run scan for infections [identify unwanted files]
  4. Antivirus definition updates and vulnerability scan [identify viruses]
  5. Optimise Windows start-up settings [for increased boot performance]
  6. Internet Explorer security settings review [optimise for speed and security]
  7. Chrome browser checks and updates  [optimise for speed and security]
  8. Firefox browser checks and updates  [optimise for speed and security]
  9. Check Device Manager [identify hardware issues]
  10. Run Hard Disk analysis and report [check health and performance]
  11. Adobe Reader update [for security]
  12. Adobe Flash Player update [for security and functionality]
  13. Java Runtime update [for security]
  14. TeamViewer update [for functionality]