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Network Testing

  • How healthy is your network cabling?

    – Let us test it for you
    – On-site diagnostic tests to verify the health of your network
    – Cabling and the network port testing
    – Make sure your cabling and network is up to scratch first

  • Copper and Fibre Network testing

    – Test cable infrastructure to check correct terminations
    – Power test PoE switches [especially for sites running VOIP]
    – Measure signal strength
    – Identify information on the connected switch, which port, and speed

  • Reporting Test Results

    – Results are downloaded to a PC and compiled into an easy-to-understand report.
    – The report includes
    – AutoTest results
    – Switch results
    – Cable results

  • Minimise Downtime

    Using the latest tools, we minimise the downtime of your network by finding and troubleshooting potential problems before they occur. If a fault should occur, we can diagnose it fast and get your network back on track.