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TeamViewer Install

It Local can offer high level support when you install TeamViewer onto your computer, click the button below to download it now:

Remote Support Agent



Desktop Support Agent Installation for Windows


Step 1 – Click ‘Next’


Step 2 – Click ‘both of the above’ and click ‘Next’


Step 3 – Review and accept the license agreement, then click ‘Next’


Step 4 – TeamViewer was installed. Setup unattended access for it Local. Click ‘Next’.


Step 5 – Set password and click ‘Next’.


Step 6 – Assign your system to it Local account. Select ‘Allow and finish’.


The Desktop Support Agent has now been installed and configured.

Your unique 9-digit ID number will be shown on the right

Provide Your ID number to the support technician along with the password from Step #5