Our vision - To Empower Small Business' Success through Innovative Technology Solutions



We love helping small businesses get IT sorted. You are the expert on growing your business. We are the experts in setting up the technology to support your goal.

For a SOHO business this is what we setup systems with these three pillars:

  • Simple
  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance

SOHO customers also have access to managed backups and on-demand support services. We are your trusted IT Department.


There are some awesome free tips and tricks available on this website that can help you get up and running for FREE.

Here are our top ten tips to get you started:


Tip # 1: FREE antivirus by Microsoft

This software is surprisingly excellent in terms of detection rates. There is no catch, no advertising, no expiration and it is also light and fast. Highly recommended for SOHO setups.


Tip # 2: FREE Utility to clean your PC

Formerly known as ‘Crap Cleaner’ CCleaner stays true to its name and is a FREE utility for cleaning out wasted space on your computer. It also flushes out your temporary internet files which is where some nasty files often lurk.


Tip #3: FREE website, FREE Domain Name, plus 12 months FREE website hosting.

The ‘MYOB Access’ program is designed to get Australian Business online. You don’t even need to use MYOB to be eligible – all you need is an ABN. If your small business is using a generic email address (such as @gmail.com or @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com.au) then this program is highly recommended, even if it just means you get a more professional email address such as you@mybusiness.com.au



7 more tips available on application. To be eligible, you need to be in Australia and have a desire to make more money. We will email you one tip per day for 7 days.